ARC Advisory Group Highlights Canvass AI’s purpose-built platform for process engineers and operators

Industrial AI is built for process and manufacturing industries looking for better ways to connect their evolving workforce to data-driven decision tools and digitally augment work and business processes. However, leveraging AI requires data science capability, adding additional complexity to an already complex operational environment. However, current tools and technologies are often too generic, don’t serve the needs of process and reliability engineers and hence can’t drive the efficiencies needed. 

Download the ARC Advisory Group to learn how Canvass AI’s Industrial AI Platform addresses these issues through a purpose-built AI Platform that provides a usable and scalable solution. 

In the paper, learn the importance of: 

   Canvass AI’s purpose-built platform for process and Reliability Engineers and Unit Engineers to solve industrial problems.

   Canvass’s patents and commitment to innovation that helps Process & Reliability Engineers and Unit Engineers better understand the relationships among process variables and other data.

   The Canvass platform allows experiential domain knowledge to be captured and embedded into the AI models to empower process engineers to leverage AI to generate tangible business value and solve various process challenges. 


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