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Improve Product Quality and Increase Production Efficiency

One of the key challenges holding auto manufacturers back from improving their manufacturing operations is the ability to connect the dots between the screeds of data that is generated on the operational floor, the variables that impact it along the process to the yield outcome. We’ve found that in-house teams either shy away from projects because they don’t know where to start or those who are brave enough found that it has taken anywhere from six to 24 months to analyze the data to derive any insights. By then, the ROI on the project has greatly diminished and the results are rarely implemented. What was typical of their approach was that the heavy lifting was done manually.   

Artificial intelligence-powered industrial analytics can now remove these two major sticking points because it eliminates the manual processing of data so that operational teams can focus on deriving insights and making data-driven decisions that positively impact performance.    

There is huge potential for auto part manufacturers and OEMs to apply AI into their operations and begin the journey towards intelligent industrial operations. Download the report to find out how AI can help. 

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