2022 AFPM Summit

Oct 18-20, 2022 | San Antonio, Texas

Summit is AFPM's premier technical conference dedicated to improving plant-wide performance in the refining and petrochemical industries. Sessions are led and attended by engineers, managers, operators, and leaders across the downstream sector. This year's conference will feature the following technical tracks:

  • Maintenance
  • Hydroprocessing
  • Crude/Coking
  • FCC
  • Sustainability
  • Alarm Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Unit Reliability
  • Digitalization
  • Turnaround
  • Alkylation
  • Emerging Leaders

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Canvass AI and Becht have a special session on Oct 18 at 1.30 pm CST on:

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The start small strategy: What is it and how oil and gas companies are using it to create $20M in savings and drive a sustainable future -  An estimated 40% of organizations fail to report significant business gains from AI. There are many reasons why AI fails to deliver on its promise, and the main reason is simply that companies start with challenges that are too big, with too many organizational complexities, and that took too long to realize value.  Instead, by starting small and targeting specific AI solutions that produce immediate business value, organizations can effectively take the first steps in their AI journeys while preparing their workforce for the more complex applications that unlock the full value of AI. As part of this presentation, we’ll explore a case study where engineers at an oil and gas company did just that. They started with a smaller opportunity, addressed it to provide immediate benefits and build trust within the organization, and then applied those learnings to adjacent challenges and assets to improve the overall asset reliability, safety and productivity at their upstream oil production facility. By making AI solutions practical for engineers and operators from the beginning, the workforce was able to scale AI across 20+ assets and processes, resulting in nearly $20M in benefits.  We will also share another oil and gas case study that illustrates how the start small strategy can transform your sites approach to sustainability.  Don’t make the mistakes of others, instead, learn how to start on the right foot and fast-track your AI journey to success.

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