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AI showcase: Using AI to Cut Downtime in the Energy Sector


It’s estimated that 92% of refinery shutdowns were due to unplanned maintenance, costing the energy companies an average of $42 million a year and up to $88 million a year in the worst-case scenarios.

In this webinar, learn how an energy company is leveraging AI to reduce downtime caused by well collapses by up to 83%. By providing a well collapse risk alert system, the operations team is using the Canvass AI Platform to minimize the disruption to operations and cutting the time to revive wells from three days to less than 12 hours. With the power of AI at their fingertips, plant engineers are proactively optimizing their plant operations and the energy company is now boasting a track record of plant availability and reliability.


  • Forogh Askari, AI Industry Lead,Canvass AI  

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