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Chemical Engineering Sponsored Webinar: Why Generic AI Fails in the Chemicals Sector 


Not all AI platforms can stand up to the complexities of the chemicals sector. So, when it comes to empowering the chemicals industry, generic AI platforms will simply fail. In this webinar, learn about the key capabilities that chemical companies need when they implement an Industrial AI platform.  Join Forogh Askari, Industry Lead at Canvass AI and Lloyd Colegrove, Dow retired, as they discuss the key challenges facing the chemicals sector, how Industrial AI can solve them, and how chemical engineers can successfully adopt and scale it across their operations. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Key Challenges for the Industrial Sector 
  • Key opportunities for Industrial AI and chemicals 
  • Why Generic AI Platforms fail 
  • What does an Industrial AI Platform look like 
  • How to make AI successful for chemical operations