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On-Demand Webinar:

How to Apply AI at Scale in a

Chemical Plant


Successfully deploying your first AI model is a critical initial step towards a data-driven operations floor. Once you have developed and deployed your first successful model into production (live streaming data in and live predictions out) you will want to do more. Different models, different systems, in different parts of the plant.

The issue becomes how do you add the second, third, and tenth model without incurring a huge amount of IT resources and long cycles of IT development. Plus, how do you keep it all running.

Scaling AI across multiple processes brings new complexities that must be mitigated to achieve true automation. In this webinar learn about:

  • The key considerations and requirements to scaling your AI strategy
  • How to connect the different sources of data
  • Managing dozens of models concurrently
  • Monitoring AI for success


  • Forogh Askari, AI Industry Lead,Canvass AI  

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