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On-Demand Webinar | How to Succeed with AI using Lean Data

The promise of AI used to be contingent on the need for big volumes of data. But, AI is not as data-hungry as once thought. New techniques in industrial AI and expert practices in data pre-processing combined with minimum good quality data is proven to deliver true benefits. In this webinar, Kevin Smith from Canvass AI and Peter Reynolds from ARC will discuss the key data requirements that engineers need to get started with AI to derive real value. This webinar provides a roadmap to assess your data and includes real-world case studies of how industrial engineers are extracting value from their existing data to simplify their decision-making and fast-track their day-to-day problem-solving. Ultimately, attendees will discover that data isn’t the problem you think it is to succeed with AI, and you can get started with what you have today.

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