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On-Demand Webinar:

Industry 4.0 - Where the Battle Between Domain and Data Expertise is Won


Digital transformation of a food manufacturer brought domain expertise and data together to lower energy costs and carbon emissions; join us to learn more.  

One of the key ways to make Industry 4.0 scale successfully is by empowering domain experts with the technology to apply their expertise to data. Most Digital Transformation projects fail because the domain experts are left out of the data loop. In this session, learn how industrial engineers were empowered to prepare data for AI, build and train AI models, and deploy it into their day-to-day operations.  

Improving energy efficiency is often identified as one of the top challenges that industrial operations need to address immediately. For example, in the food industry, energy consumption is expected to increase from 11 to 16% over the next five years. In the metal industry, energy constitutes between 20-40% of material costs. Across the industrial sector, energy consumption is contributing to more than 24% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting energy use across the industrial sector not only makes good commercial sense but also pivotal to reach net-zero targets. In this case study presentation, learn how a leading manufacturer is using AI to optimize its boilers to cut energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.  


  • Forogh Askari, AI Industry Lead,Canvass AI  
  • Marc Gallant, VP Partnerships, Canvass AI  

This webinar is moderated by Renee Bassett, Chief Editor for Automation.com. 

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