On-Demand Webinar: Using Industrial AI to solve your Downtime and Maintenance Challenges in Oil & Gas

Does managing your industrial assets feel like firefighting? Oil and gas companies now have the data to cut the need for reactive management of large industrial assets. Instead, with industrial AI platforms, industrial engineers are using predictive AI to reduce unplanned downtime, cut maintenance costs, and improve safety. In this webinar, learn how a leading oil and gas company is benefiting from AI predictions that provide up to 16 days advanced notice of a potential asset failure.   

Industrial AI: Eliminating firefighting from asset management in oil and gas 

 This session will cover the following topics:  

  • How to get started with Industrial AI  
  • AI-based Predictive Maintenance (Why? Value? Impact?)
  • Case study on how a major oil and gas company is enhancing maintenance 
  • activities to fix issues before major failures and reduce production loss due to failures across their rotating equipment 

Ali abou daya

Ali Abou Daya 

Ali AbouDaya is an Account Executive in the process industry space. Having started his career as a data engineer in the Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Utilities, Ali possesses a deep understanding of the business challenges that the manufacturing industries face as well as the means to solve them via modern data processing technologies and analytics. 

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